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How the hospitality and tourism sectors are preparing for Expo 2020

How the hospitality and tourism sectors are preparing for Expo 2020


When Dubai won the Expo2020 bid, the hospitality and tourism sectors rejoiced at the potential to be had. With over 25 million visitors expected during the six months of the Expo, Dubai will become a bustling tourist hub, while hotels will reap the rewards with a large injection of visitors to the city. We look at some of the ways that the hospitality and tourism sectors are preparing for the Expo2020.


With so many millions of new visitors expected, hotels are set to see optimal occupancy over the Expo2020 period. To create a more accessible Dubai, Emaar Properties PJSC has created a four star brand of hotels, Rove Hotels, which is set to open in the near future in Downtown Dubai. Other three and four star hotel chains will relish in the Expo glory, as business travellers and tourists look for cheaper hotel rates during the exhibition. Another sector of hospitality that is set to boom in the lead up to the Expo2020 is the Food and Beverage industry. With hundreds of restaurants opening up in the UAE every year, the competition bar is set high. From low cost meals to extreme fine dining, every sector of eating out is covered in Dubai, which is fast becoming a well-known foodie destination. With the exposure received from Expo2020, Dubai will be able to show the world en masse its true hospitality and F&B potential and position the city as a must-visit destination for travellers from around the world.


This is the time when Dubai will be on the world stage. All eyes will be on the city as the Expo2020 kicks off and if all goes to plan, then visitors are in for a treat. There will be many attractions and celebrations during the Expo2020 period, in line with the likes of Dubai Summer Surprises and the Dubai Shopping Festival. In the lead up to Expo2020, DTCM (the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) has created a Tourism Vision for 2020, which is a strategic roadmap with the aim of attracting 20 million visitors per year by 2020.

The city is also preparing for more visitors by increasing the amount of tourist attractions. The Dubai Eye, set to be the world’s largest Ferris Wheel; the Opera District in Downtown Dubai; Mall of the World; Dubai Resorts and Parks; and many more.

The Dubai government will be looking for the constant support from homegrown giant Emirates, in their tourism boost. Every year the airline releases new routes and this is set to continue in the lead up to the Expo2020. A trusted carrier, Emirates is the face of Dubai around the world and will be the first impression of the city that new travellers are graced with.

As well as hospitality and tourism, other key industries will benefit immensely from the Expo2020, which will ultimately lead to more international trade possibilities for Dubai as well as an increased awareness of the city as a tourism destination. As the Expo approaches we will see everything fall into place and the city reach its greatest potential.

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