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How people can make or break your brand

How people can make or break your brand


Richard Branson once said: “If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers”. This is one of the most valuable pieces of business advice any business owner can take on board. Investing in training your people means you can ensure the quality of their work, while empowering them to be the best they can be and offering them unique benefits will ensure their loyalty to your company.

Studies show that although income is high on the list for employees, there is so much more to offering a job than just providing a nice sum of money to the employee. People want to feel recognised and appreciated in their job, so rewarding your employees on a regular basis is extremely beneficial. From organising team building days out to awarding an Employee of the Month, there are many little things you can do on a daily basis that encourage your team to feel empowered and strive for the best. You also need to show your team that you are investing in their personal growth and set out a clear structure for their career path. Nobody wants to feel that they are stuck in a dead-end job, so having clear HR goals is a good way to avoid that.

Treating people within your organisation well is also crucial to your brand reputation. Your people are the face of your brand and if your company gets a bad reputation as treating their employees badly or underpaying them, this will limit the amount of new employees you can find, as well as potential business deals. For example, no one will want to do business publically with a company that has a terrible reputation for misusing or abusing their employees.

Many people may argue that investing in employees means there’s a chance they may outgrow you and use the training you have given them to get a better job. If this happens, it is a sign that you are not doing enough for them. Each employee should have a clear career growth set out by the HR department, and you should always be pushing them to be the best version of themselves. If they develop within your company and decide to move on, this means that your company either lacks the career growth for them, or they are unhappy with their package, benefits or the people they work with. Every employee that resigns from a company is a lesson waiting to be learnt, proving why exit interviews are so important.

Investing in your people in one way of spending money that will be returned in the long run to your company. You cannot put a price on well-trained, efficient and happy employees, and having this will work wonders for your brand. Working hand in hand with capable and creative HR teams will ensure that your employees are well taken care of and respected within the market.

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